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Originally Posted by DiggerD21 View Post
Shiro doesn't deny that there are attacks against turks. He even doesn't deny that turks are often recognised as such. But this is not because of their skin clour, but more because of their social behaviour, accent and cultural background. Skin colour doesn't play a role here. In fact, I don't know any german who even thought about if turks are "white" or not.
I somewhat agree. If you would ask a random German on the street if Turks are "white", most would probably be puzzled and would not really know what to answer as they never thought about it before. That has to do with the fact that the categories "white" and "non-white" are historically not so established in Germany due to a lack of significant colonial history and contact with "non-whites".

Germans however have a tradition of racially distinguishing themselves from other "whites". Terms such as "südländisch" (literally translated "south landish", roughly meaning "mediterranean") are for instance used to racially describe Turks. But even the term "türkisch" ("Turkish") itself also carries a racial connotation in German and does not just describe a cultural orientation.
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