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Originally Posted by dmuzika View Post
The only question I would have is potential safety issues at the Hwy 95 intersection if there were lights. It's located at the base of a significant hill so you would have situations where semis would have to come to a complete stop after coming down the hill, or where semis would have to start climbing it from a dead stopand take long time to get up to speed. The current signals are to the west and allow a little bit of runway, so it might not be as big an issue.
If the Highway 95 intersection ever needed lights, the lights would only impact the Eastbound TCH traffic. With the protected left entrance lane, there's no need to stop Westbound traffic. The steeper grade isn't right next to the intersection so it shouldn't be too hard on trucks going up. Compared to something like this intersection in Medicine Hat which is hell for truckers, it's a piece of cake.
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