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I have seen an image of a "Trolley" car no. "1337" with an "S" on its roof = identified as Third Street crossing La Brea, with a building in the back bearing the name "Majestic." Not certain, but the weather vane topping one round, barrel tiled, structure looks similar to that on top of Trader Joes at Third and La Brea. In an attempt to locate the picture, I am reminded that Majestic was the name of an upholsterer on Wilshire and later La Brea.

One site indicates that that street car may have been part of the Yellow car "R" line Aside from the mystery picture mentioned above, are there any pictures of the La Brea-Third St. terminus? Could there have once been a turnabout, or did the cars merely reverse direction? I am also mindful of prior posts describing the nursery on the NE corner of 3rd and La Brea, and open space on the SW corner.

1941 Street Car layout

An excerpt from this ~1929 map appears to delineate the "R" line on Third Street.

1935 Street Car Map

Difference between cars and coaches? Focus on Westside "R" Line

1923 - "Official transportation and city map of Los Angeles California and suburbs" Available image is less-than-clear for review here.

Interesting reminder of the facts surrounding the Yellow Car's decline and ultimate demise.
The system was sold in 1945 by Huntington's estate to National City Lines, a company that was purchasing transit systems across the country. National City Lines, along with its investors that included Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California (now Chevron Corporation) and General Motors, were later convicted of conspiring to monopolize the sale of buses and related products to local transit companies controlled by National City Lines and other companies in what became known as the General Motors streetcar conspiracy. National City Lines purchased Key System, which operated streetcars systems in Northern California, the following year.
More on the so-called conspiracy here >>>>

1925 - "Planned" transit routes included a subway on Third Street!

1938 Points of Interest reached by Yellow Cars

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