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Originally Posted by Boisebro View Post
Welcome, James! (Both to the board and to Boise).

I really started the thread for my own sanity. There were a lot of projects being proposed in a short amount of time. Boisedev has a nice map that shows the proposals throughout the valley, as well. And I also appreciate Sawtooth sharing his construction update photos.

Hope you enjoy the BSU game... looks like they have another good team this year.


I've been following Boisedev and their great ProjectTracker for a while now. It was cool to see the early start with Don mentioning his newsletter on this board. I just discovered the Development thread Part II and am already 62 pages in. I'm enjoying reading the progress as it happened. I only wish all the pictures, like from Architecture Buff, were still available. Maybe one day I'll tackle to 500 page Part 1 thread!

Our first trip was July 4th weekend, 2017 when we stayed at The Grove. The next 2 times we stayed at The Inn at 500 and will stay there again in November. We really like it there.

We plan on taking a look at The Afton on our visit. I wish The Caddis or Trappers Island were already in construction because we would wait them out but as it is there are limited condo options and we might have to buy earlier than planned. The Metropolitan (has that started yet?) is a little north of what we want.

Quick funny story...the first time we visited, we went from the airport right to The Grove. Looked out our window facing east, overlooking the Basque Block, not much of a skyline, and I said "what are we doing here?" By time we left, we were convinced that this was a place we could live. After our second trip, we were convinced that Boise was where we wanted to live. We've traveled a lot in 25+ years together and have been to most of the cities in the US and no other one has grabbed us as much. Now we're obsessed with it and would move there today. We even watch KIVI local news each night on our

Sorry for the hijack! Thanks again for the great work on the board to all!

I wish the Steelheads were in town when we are because we'd check them out too!

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