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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
For me, it's the opposite at least in regards to Chicago.

Until the Rahm years, in Chicago you would either get 40 story buildings downtown or townhomes/SFH/3-4 story buildings in the neighborhoods.

With Rahm's TOD ordinance and the rise of the rental boom, we finally started to get more "magic middle" type buildings out in the neighborhoods. We started seeing more 7,8,10, etc story apartment buildings get built all over the place with reduced parking.

Fast forward to today, with an onslaught of Communists who've joined the city council who want WAY more affordable housing than is economical and who otherwise resent the professional classes who are occupying these new buildings, as well as legitimate practical concerns (at certain subway stops the trains are basically at capacity) and we are now seeing a slowdown in this type of development.
Yea, I remember that happening when I was in Chicago. It was odd most neighborhoods wouldnt allow over 5 stories.

LA's different, because there are already alot of business districts with 10-15 story buildings already.
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