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Originally Posted by OldDartmouthMark View Post
I think we all would enjoy a nice view from our high condo unit, and would all likely be disappointed if they invested their life's savings or committed to 25 years of monthly payments to a place with a view only to have it taken away. However, if it means that a building we want to see built has hurdles to cross, then they don't have a right to be upset.

Always an interesting read, this board.
I don't think it's so much that they don't have a right to be upset as much as that they don't have a legitimate right to demand that the outside world cater to their emotions. If someone saves up for 5 years for a dream vacation that they book 6 months in advance and it rains the entire time, they have a right to be disappointed even though they know that there's no guarantee of fine weather, even in an area where fine weather is common.
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