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Darn, it's bad enough that those suburban people lived in the suburbs, now they are coming downtown and complaining about urban living! Damn them! (Note: that was sarcasm)

The whole way we humans twist things and make up stories based on our own prejudices is humourous at least and a little scary in the worst cases. How do we know what noise these people are complaining about or what their backgrounds are?

My experience with condos are that they are usually better sound insulated than a comparable (albeit cheaper) rental apartment. If I were to buy an expensive condo I have an expectation that I'm not going to hear everything my adjoining neighbours are doing (use your imagination). I don't know if that's the type of noise they are complaining about, but I would consider that valid. If it's street noise or late night partying noise, then tough, as they should have done the research and known what that area of town is like. But, I don't know so I won't assume.

Views are an interesting topic here. When it comes to restricting height downtown, then we hate views. When it comes to a really tall building that we'd like to live in, then views are great. When it comes to a "dirty suburbanite" complaining about potential blocked views around them then they are being silly.

I think we all would enjoy a nice view from our high condo unit, and would all likely be disappointed if they invested their life's savings or committed to 25 years of monthly payments to a place with a view only to have it taken away. However, if it means that a building we want to see built has hurdles to cross, then they don't have a right to be upset.

Always an interesting read, this board.
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