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Thanks as always chaps.

Originally Posted by Vellu View Post
Post 160: Great texturing especially on the building with the laundry service on the first floor! I'd like to know how you made that texture.
Is that from a single photo? If so, how did you manage to texture the sides of those window bays so smoothly? The texture doesn't look
distorted at all. Distortion is what I would expect when making a texture of this kind of facade from a single photo.
The textures for that building were a f**king pain in the ass! I actually made separate textures for the bay as opposed to wrapping the
building due to that very problem of distortion. To be honest I don't like the finished building much I'll probably stick to flatter faced buildings in future!
And you're right Vellu the Parriot does look quite modern with its glass, that was because of the 2004 overhaul.

Here's a rear view of the Parriot Hotel. Services and delivery entrance. I probably spent far too long concentrating on this, particularly
as its not usually going to be seen in the model, but I do like the backs of buildings which are not usually seen.

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