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You want grit, I gots grit.

Meridian MS

The street I live on in Pittsburgh is pretty damn gritty.

These were just torn down in Cincinnati a couple months ago, what a fucking shame.

North side of Pittsburgh.

Greensburgh, PA

Assholes just tore this down in Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago, 2 full blocks of 1850's-1870's row homes. Could have been restored, at least the facades could have been preserved.

The interior of the above house.

An abandoned glass manufacturing plant in Greensburgh, PA

An abandoned church in Jeanette, PA

The Hill in Pittsburgh.

Uptown in Pittsburgh.

Uptown Pittsburgh.

Mexican War Streets, Pittsburgh. Luckily this block is supposedly getting restored.

Birmingham, Alabama

The ghost town of Rodney, Mississippi along the Mississippi River.

Grit in the 6ht Ward of Houston

4th Ward, Houston

6th Ward, Houston

Port Arthur, TX
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