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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
While I agree that Manhattan avenues shouldn't (and won't ever) be converted to pedestrian-only, your anecdote isn't really relevant to anything.

Someone's personal preferences shouldn't trump the public good, and there are few things more anti-public good than allowing private automobiles to come into Manhattan without paying huge fees.

Really no one needs to drive into Manhattan, and those that do need to pay a hell of a lot more than they currently do. Eventually we'll have congestion pricing and/or tolls on all entryways. There's no other way we're going to be able to function.
I'm not the only one. A great deal of people come from the suburbs (sometimes even as far a way as Lehigh Valley or New Haven for work every day, or to go to a game, etc). A lot of these people don't particularly want rail access to the city, however misguided you may think that is. Cutting down on the street traffic has its benefits, but I believe the economic benefits from auto commuters will drop if too many streets close.

Originally Posted by sbarn View Post
IMO, places in the Village, SoHo and other places would be amazing as pedestrian only thoroughfares. Mulberry Street, St. Marks Place, even Bleecker or Prince Streets could be nice.
A much better idea. St.Marks used to be pedestrian at times, but then again, St.Marks isn't really St.Marks anymore.
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