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Originally Posted by KVNBKLYN View Post
Look, I'm sorry to belabor this, but the first article you posted was all about ARC and only mentioned Moynihan in passing, yet the thread is called Moynihan Station and most of the renderings you've posted are of the various iterations of Moynihan Station over the past ten years (and none of them particularly relevant today since it's being redesigned again). And that last rendering has nothing to do with anything since it was only a concept that was thrown out there to re-envision what the main part of Penn Station could be like if MSG were moved to 9th Avenue - but that is not happening now and MSG is staying put.

If you want to call this thread Penn Station redevelopment, then that would cover all these projects. But Moynihan is a particular project that doesn't encompass the rest of Penn Station or its proposed expansion. And ARC is not Moynihan.
fine i deleted it,happy?
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