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Usually i don't post unless i have a pic but it's been a while and i haven't said thanks for the comments
There will be people and many real cars that i have spent a long time making into smaller files.

Vellu, The big brown one in the middle is a design by Patrick Griffin. He let me model it but i want to do more detail.

and here's a quick render of some new developments.

Left to right:
Aon tower, you have already met. A rip off of the Sydney Aon tower.

The Precidion , 50 floors - Office. A modern feel to 1950's styling? Precidion is also in the earlier pics.

BBC Money (Big bad crooks) 48 floors - Financial. A rip off from building in Sydney's Parramatta CBD.

The last has no name and is not finished.

Thanks. !

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