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KC Co-thread: A tale of three "centres"

For the accompanying discussion thread, click here:

#1 Suburban "town centre"... Legends
Considering that most of suburb america is currently converting to these, it makes sense to cover it in photos. Honestly, I think a lot of the town centres are really nice... I'd just prefer that they were a) near the center of something and b) within an actual town

FYI... it was early so nothing is open yet

this place is way cool... a prototype restaurant from the Rainforest Cafe people

#2 Urban area shopping district... The Plaza
This one is WAAAY more my style. Great area, and close to the city, but still nice and quiet (and rich). Still you wonder what could've happened if all of these amenities were incorporated into downtown.

good info

I love how there's everything but a car at this intersection

#3 Downtown Kansas City
First and foremost, my congratulations to KC on the Power and Light district... that's probably the best-kept secret in the US right now. I can't wait for my next trip when I have more time to hang out there The downtown here is really wonderful, and starting to "re-diversify" after the long suburban motivated drought of residential and retail.

looking back towards Liberty Memorial and Crown Center

the reason for my trip wasn't photos, it was my brother's graduation

congrats bro

Sprint Center equals


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