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Originally Posted by tim
what do you mean by dead city? frankfurt may not have as many tall buildings under construction right now as moscow or madrid, but it certainly beats paris (paris only has two or three proposals in total) and most other european cities.

frankfurt has the largest single residential project of europe under construction (16 thousand units in one area), the largest inner city redevelopment project and tons of smaller projects and let's not forget: frankfurt is tiny compared to paris, moscow or the big asian can't compare a city of 600.000 with a city of 10 million.
Let´s wait. I live 30 km south of Frankfurt, I drive through it two times a day. In the city, behind Deutsche Bank Towers, is some residental building ( 5-6 floors ) under construction. Zeil projekt is also U/C. That´s all I can see. Oh yes, not to forget, Garten Tower next to Main Tower is under reconstruction.
I tell you one more time, I like Frankfurt, but today is just too expensive to build some building here. Just one example:

-1990 Messeturm (257 m) costed cca.240 000 000 Euro ($US319 680 000)
-2005 Skyper (154 m) costed 480 000 000 Euro ($US 639 360 000 )
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