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I have to say I am a little perplexed by this tower. I love almost all of Jahn's work and I am sure the façade will be stunning as all of his recent projects I can think of end up being. However the overall form seems a bit chunky. The cantilevered volumes are interesting but I'm not sure I understand the point. They seem a bit half-hearted as well like they were the start of an idea that wasn't finished. Without the cantilevers the building would be pretty bland... kind of a contemporary version of Aon. I'm sure the façade detailing and quality would be superb but a tower of this stature and this location needs to make a significant skyline impact in overall form and massing when viewed from a distance not just have nice details when viewed up close. The other thing I don't understand is why the tower portion wasn't set back from Michigan Ave. It would seem to make more sense to have the lower portion with the outside terrace and greenspace be on the eastern portion of the building and the tower shifted to the west of the site. This would better relate to the scale of the Michigan Ave street wall making it appear the tower is rising behind it similar to the Legacy, Heritage, Roosevelt University Tower, CNA, etc. I would think it would also be a more desirable amenity to have the outdoor terrace overlooking Michigan Ave. with views of the Lake and Grant Park rather than have a view that would currently overlook a parking lot on Wabash and almost certainly eventually be blocked by whatever tower is eventually built in that parking lot. If the desire was to take advantage of the afternoon sun then I think that is rather short sited as a tower will likely block it out in the future. Even if a future tower is somehow never built in that parking lot I think views of the park and Lake would trump afternoon sun. I want to like this but it just really puzzles me.
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