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Originally Posted by xzmattzx View Post
Great pictures. I remember your Emporium thread for a few years ago and it's nice to see that you made your way back.

Emporium made me think of a modern-day northern version of Mayberry with it's isolation and potential "small-world"ness where everyone knows everyone. I imageine that people in Emporium talk about going to a bigger place like St. Mary's or Lock Haven, or going to "the big city" like Williamsport, much like Mayberry characters talked so highly of Mount Pilot or Raleigh, and just about anyone else in this country would laugh at their simpleness.

I remember you telling me earlier that some place in Emporium was voted as having the best pizza in the US. Do you know what place this is?
Pizza Palace Plus... not pictured because it's a rather bland newer structure.
Never been there... but hope to try it some day.

Thanks for the quintessentially 80s Perry's advertisement, pj3000.
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