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I've finished the old Roman styled section!
Here it is from above!

All the blocks with diagonal streets are where buildings where destroyed by the British in the Napoleonic wars!
So they where replaced with Paris style buildings, however the people didn't really like it, so for future expansion they used the city style of Barcelona!

Here is the Coliseum, and the densest part of the old city.

Here is the Pantheon! It has a very similar design to the one in Rome!

This is Saint Mathew's Basilica! The original was very different and was ransacked by the British in 1813! The city's Arch Bishop declared that since the British had destroyed a Catholic church, they where not Christian and could not go to heaven!

Here is an interesting view.

The Roman Forum!

The golden pyramid on top of the monolith!

A golden dome on top a column!

The castle and the Emperors Palace!

The Emperors Golden Pyramid, in his courtyard!

A view from a strangely built palace!

A roman bath.

Density rivaling Paris!

Thats all for now, please tell me what you think!
I'll post a few more photos of it another time.
And then I'll reveal the old city's location near the modern city!
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