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[QUOTE][I also like your Rockefeller center building, I hope you don't mind if i use that as a template for Lakeport's 2nd tallest./QUOTE]

Sure you can!

The gothic futurism tower looks fantastic! Great job skydragon!
Thank you very much!

I've finished three more blocks!

Here is a very old building.

Former twin towers!

They where build in 1929, but in 1951 there was a fire in the attic that caused a partial collapse!
The company was not only somewhat corrupt, but also had fallen on hard times! So they could not afford to rebuild the top of the building.
Instead they just cleaned up debris and put up a haphazard roof to stop water from getting in!

The top floors are abandoned, and since it was determined that the rest of the building was safe, they just left it!

The city had no laws about this sort of thing when it happened, but if it ever happens again, it will be illegal not to rebuild!

Thats all for now!
The pictures will be smaller after this.
How do you like my disaster building?
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