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Originally Posted by PLANSIT View Post
The lanes are primarily for inbound buses. It’s a 42% travel time savings in this section.

It is exciting, especially during the same period of time overall bus ridership was down.
Are You saying some thought went into this?

With downtown Denver easily having the highest job density, an emphasis should be made to move commuters more efficiently in and out of downtown during morning and afternoon peak periods.

Originally Posted by bunt_q View Post
Very curious how they quantify subsidy per boarding for the A and R lines, but the A line in particular. I am 95% sure their math is incorrect (and 100% there’s not a single person at the FTA who could do that math, if that’s the source). That is actually an impossible fact.
I linked the data at the top but it's pg 21 here and it's over my head. Presumably commuter rail is more costly? Still that hardly explains it.
Cool... Denver has reached puberty.
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