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Per your request
Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Y'all, there are now some very nice double bus lanes downtown--on a very street that we've thoroughly debated here on SSP many times--and nobody has posted photos of them on the forum.

Red bus markings on 15th Street in downtown Denver. (credit: CBS Denver)
Last night the city installed a series of red markings on the road to indicate new bus-only lanes on 15th Street Downtown. The move is expected to accelerate buses up to 42 percent, according to Nancy Kuhn, a spokesperson for the Department of Public Works. And if buses become faster and more reliable, people may start to ditch cars in favor of buses.
Why do I get the feeling that those who expect to now get home 42% faster will be disappointed?
The City of Denver is hoping to change people's commuting habits by changing the roads.

Kuhn said after making similar changes to Broadway in 2017, the city saw a 2.5% transit ridership increase
Pretty exciting?
Cool... Denver has reached puberty.
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