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Originally Posted by SnyderBock View Post
I would like to argue that having your internet cut off, even for a short time, is equally as impactful in today's society, as having your water or electricity cut off. Internet is a utility.

Originally Posted by The Dirt View Post
I would kind of like it if they cut off TakeFive's internet. Then I wouldn't have to scroll past 8 consecutive posts of his opinions, what he thinks are memes, and 6 paragraphs of article commentary that could have been stated in 6 words.
I've only got three maybe four posts left in my "fall series" and then you can RIP. Pending some misc house cleaning for my weekend dinner I may be able to finish today.

My son is into memes; I'll ask him to interpret. Sounds a bit like today's politics where everybody is so entrenched on one side or the other. Fortunately, I'm still able to continue asking questions, explore for answers and wonder what comes next.

Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Y'all, there are now some very nice double bus lanes downtown--on a very street that we've thoroughly debated here on SSP many times--and nobody has posted photos of them on the forum.
PLANSIT did post a schematic earlier.
Cool... Denver has reached puberty.
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