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Originally Posted by Airboy View Post
Its cyclical, last few years we have heard Ontario complain about cool summers. Before that it was Manitoba and Sask being to wet and cool. Alberta was in a mild drought. This year south and central Alberta is getting slightly above average rain fall. but the north is still considered dry. Hell even BC is getting a wetter summer in the interior. Good thing is less fires. I prefer temps in the mid 20s. Having lived and competed in Ontario I found that to hot.
What summers are you referring to that people in Ontario would have been complaining? They are always hot and humid like clock work. We have had some shitty springs mind you.

And again, because this is a pet-peeve of mine, even people who think summer is too hot here, we get those cooler, what you think is ideal temperatures, but at different times. When Alberta is dealing with their first frost advisories we will be getting your preferred weather here. Lower humidity, cool nights, and mid 20s temps. Summer will still be going on while Alberta descends into fall. September in Toronto is similar to July in Edmonton and warmer than August.
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