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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
Here's how Sun Belt sees it:

1] Cities are becoming more child-less than they have in the past
A] Cities are becoming more expensive.
B] Cities are growing older and less diverse.
C] Some parts of some cities are emptying out and therefore the overall student population appears to be dropping, despite some other successful/desireable outliers -- [Steely's situation].

2] Today's young people put off marriage and have kids much later into their mid 30s.
A] They got a whole lot of F'n to do in their 20s.
B] They want to be able to postpone adulthood, drink beer, play corn hole at the local watering hole until 2 am.
C] They have a huge debt burden and can't afford kids, even though they love to point out how successful they are.
D] Some don't want kids -- to SAVE THE EARTH!!! Kids breathe oxygen and produce carbon while consuming natural resources.

3] Those that want kids, have already grown up and left for the suburbs in their mid 20s, where life is more affordable.
I’d like to add:
When you have kids and realize that day care costs $750-$1,500 per month, after one kid you don’t have as much time to enjoy the city lifestyle as you did before kids and after two kids in day care, living a “downtown” urban lifestyle is like owning a convertible in Fairbanks.
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