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Originally Posted by MonctonRad View Post
Oh I don't know lio, I think she's cute......
I can confirm she's the real deal up close too. And a pretty nice person too.

But definitely a disappointment for Trudeau and the Liberals who expected her to be more of a Cabinet heavyweight. She ain't no Sheila Copps.

I am one person removed from people who worked with her every day, and apparently she has a lot of trouble taking advice and always goes with her hunches.

Sadly for her, in addition to not being a Sheila Copps, she's no Jean Chr├ętien either when it comes to political instincts. (Jean Chr├ętien was famous for rarely following advice and always going with his gut, and being right 90% of the time.)
*An assembly of shareholders that likes to pretend it is a close-knit family, in order to maintain access to grandpa's inheritance.

Still a really nice group of people to spend Christmas dinner with, though.
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