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Jean Nouvel-Designed Paris Tower to Start Construction in 2017
After decades of trying to lay his footprint in the skyscraper-rich La Défense district of Paris' Metropolitan Area, French architect Jean Nouvel is confident his latest scheme will finally break the self-described curse. Backed by Hines and AG Real Estate, Tour Hekla is scheduled to begin construction in 2017 and become an instant landmark in a neighbourhood filled with modern glass office towers.

Architects Compete to Overhaul Paris' Controversial Tour Montparnasse
As London's Centre Point undergoes a full facelift, another imposing European Modernist tower is scheduled to receive a similar treatment. Tour Montparnasse stands 210 metres above the historic Paris cityscape. Its monochrome facade, simple straight lines, and unprecedented height did not go unnoticed when it was completed in 1973. It sparked a furor among residents, and eventually led to the imposition of a seven-storey maximum height law for new buildings. Though that regulation has been lifted in recent years — office buildings in the core can now climb 180 metres while residential towers are allowed 50 metres — the aversion to tall buildings still lingers in the hearts and minds of Parisians.
Demolition Progresses as Anticipation for Tour Saint-Gobain Builds

The hub of construction activity in La Défense at the edge of Paris is a scene most urban-minded individuals would love to see replicated in their hometowns. And as tower cranes dot the growing skyline, there's further evidence of work moving forward at the site of a future 39-storey office tower that will house the headquarters of French multinational corporation Saint-Gobain. In the months since our last photo update, crews have made significant progress on the demolition of the eight-level Tour Iris office complex, a necessary step to accommodate its modern glass successor.
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