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Originally Posted by Waye Mason View Post
And the market is self driving car shared cars within 20 years.
There are a lot of assumptions built into that statement. I'm inclined to believe it will take much longer. Then, since it's Halifax, it will take 20 more years for us to catch up with the rest of the country.

It is hard to see parking being needed in anywhere near the way it has been in the past. I agree, the 1 to 1 parking ration is out of date. We have reasonably good evidence from the empty garages in Peninsula South, Fenwick Place, etc that it is no longer needed.
You can't argue with market data. Then the unit/parking ratio for this building must be in the ballpark (as Keith alluded to).

By the way, I'll mention it here in case you don't see it over in Development Rumours. someone123 posted a link to some pics over there. What's the deal with these properties?

I don't know how to link directly to the post, so I'll include the following quote of it:
Somebody posted pictures of demolition notices on 2 heritage buildings on Barrington Street:

That is severely messed up. The building in the middle also would have been a heritage building had it not been for the hideous renovation. The wooden building is from circa 1816.
Any insight you can give us would be greatly appreciated.
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