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Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
I don't know the status of the project (design review committee approved it, no?), but when a developer is trying to tear down three listed heritage buildings, I guess he should expect some red tape and opposition. That's not a Halifax-specific thing. What is a Halifax-specific thing is that whenever any tiny little hold-up in a project occurs, developers can go boo-hoo-ing to the press and get a sympathetic hearing, making the public feel like the heritage lobby is somehow enormously powerful in the city--when really, they're not.
I think the common factor here is lazy, uncritical reporting that parrots back what developers or heritage lobbyists say without challenging any of it.

Like you say, a development like this should be carefully evaluated and that takes time. Ideally the city will get a better building as a result. On the flip side of this, it's ridiculous that we've seen 3-4 years of absurd posturing over a convention centre that at this point is well under construction. The NIMBY lobby is pretending it's still up for debate when in reality there was extensive debate and public consultation that is now finished, and just about everybody else seems happy with the result. Time to move on.
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