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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
Am I the only one who's puzzled by this? The New Regal is in the middle of f'n nowhere.
For starters, it's a nice theater which shouldn't go to waste at all and the architecture on it is pretty cool. Also, the list of performers who have played there is pretty awesome

Personally I like it, but the only way it will work on the LARGE scale for is if they develop the area around it which it looks like they may try and do. I think they may also need to expand service on weekends to later for a line like the Jeffrey Jump if they do this, or something. However, there's many people who live in this area, so I don't see why it couldn't work. The South Side isn't THAT desolate... South Shore has 50K people, Avalon Park and South Chicago together have 40K people, Chatham and Greater Grand Crossing each has 30K people. That's 150k people right there (i.e. the population of Near North Side + Lincoln Park). This is not counting all the other areas that are a short drive away.

This is the type of private investment parts of the South Side need. I do wish it was closer to the Red Line for example, but nothing you can do about it. The place is a landmark and there's ways around this if you want people to use public transit to get there.

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