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Greenest delusions...

One has to deliberately turn a blind eye to the obvious to believe any of the plans to make Treasure Island into a green utopia are anything other than "just pretend."

Simply put.. as a development site Treasure Island is constrained as it is unique.
The man-made island was created to be site for a Worlds Fair lasting one year and was not engineered to support permanent development.

The military installation was never intended to be permanent when it hastily developed the island with the onset of WWII.

The island cannot be developed upon as it is today. It needs to be completely re-engineered and rebuilt including a raise of 10-15 feet...
The resulting project would be similar in scope to San Diego's Mission Bay. -- Ain't going to happen.

Not because it isn't technically feasible, but because it is not politically feasible in modern-day "green" California.

One day (sooner or later) California will come its senses and write a new state constitution that junks the current government and replaces it with a vastly smaller, less powerful government.

Until then... Dream on.
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