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So there was another Letter to the Editor from someone concerning a lack of sidewalks in Flamborough--obviously this means everyone who lives and has ever lived in Flamborough thinks this way, right? By this measure I should assume each Letter from a member of the public in the "old" City is representative of the entire populous--yourselves included, correct? Secondly, this second "go to heck" Letter was actually published by The Spec--the strictly biased, narrow-focused newspaper that caters to suburban homebuilders?

This is a discussion forum--and what's occuring here is garden variety bashing and rhetoric...based in part by an unverifiable tax assessment for a town that doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for several years. Did Flamborough self-finance prior to amalgamation? Of course not--hence Regional government. Flamborough financed it's own Town budget--took care of the roads and streets that were it's responsibility while the Region took care of it's infrastructure and the MTO took care of what little remains of its.

This thread doesn't seek solutions--but gives people a chance to vent their biases.
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