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No, no it's not. Fucking iPod wouldn't work on my new computer! I feel it's time for a new iPod. My poor little 30 Gig won't handle much longer. And I need a place to put my pictures in case something happens. I need a 160 Gig now.

Anyways, yeah. I'm really getting into this house project in Sketchup. I'm making almost everything by hand. I won't make toilets, ovens, cook tops, all the general house appliances. But I will make every window, door, floor, wall, tables, chairs, and even the little pictures on the wall.

The shortest building in the complex is 6 or 7 floors tall. The tallest is 25 or so. I don't wanna give the exact # away. But I thought it was big enough, then I saw a render of the Children's Hospital U/C in Chicago and that beast is HUGE! And it's only the Children's hospital. Then I compared my hospital to Swedish Hospital here in Seattle and Swedish is at least 2 and a half times as big as mines.

I won't give too much away but if I'll make at least 9 blocks of Hospitals and try to make 15 at most.
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