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France & Germany fertility rates compared

Behind new construction projects, there's the growth of cities, and behind the growth of cities, there's the general growth of a country's population.

On Wikipedia I found a fascinating map of the German fertility rates in 2003 per Kreis (local districts). So I made a map of French fertility rates per d├ępartement for the same year to compare with the German map. The contrast between the two most populated countries of the European Union is quite sharp.

Fertility rates 2003
Color codes:
- red: total fertility rate (TFR) under 1.3
- pink: TFR between 1.31 and 1.40
- orange: TFR between 1.41 and 1.50
- yellow: TFR between 1.51 and 1.70
- light green: TFR between 1.71 and 1.90
- dark green: TFR between 1.91 and 2.10
- very dark green: TFR above 2.10. REPLACEMENT OF GENERATIONS ASSURED.

Fertility rates 2004

Here is the French map for 2004, showing an increase of fertility nationwide. I don't have a map for Germany in 2004 unfortunately. In 2005 and 2006 the French fertility rate has increased even more, now reaching an average of 1.98 nationwide (in 2006), but I don't have data per d├ępartement, so 2004 is the last year I can draw a map.

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