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Originally Posted by Tony
^ What the hell is that? An article or some lame-ass editorial?

What terrible bias writing, something right out of The Sun.

These people are just a bunch of pussies. The old people in particular are all grumbling because a mall provides free air conditioning during the summer so they don't have to pay for it at home. They always go to the mall nice and early and spend maybe a few dollars on coffee and sit around doing nothing. Who are they kidding?

Plus how will creating a walkable street as opposed to a shopping mall surrounded by parking be less accessible for people without cars? Where did they pick that crap from?
What are you saying? Malls are for the young and affluent only and so buy something and then get out? Don't use public commercial space for... er.. public gathering? The idea of the agora was the rhetoric that mall developers trumpeted in the first place. Or have I made the mistake of taking them at their word? And since when is it a crime to use corporate air conditioning? The city encourages this during the increasingly frequent heat waves. You seem rather bitter about "old people" sitting around doing nothing and nursing cheap coffee together. I hope your RRSP contributions are such that you never have to suffer the challenge of a shrinking income in your retirement. I have to say I'm extremely disappointed in your tone, moderator. Set a better example of good citizenship.
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