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Originally Posted by Swede View Post
I, for one, welcome our new Westside giants. This in is looking real good, nice glass facade and yet a contrast with the also-nice glass tower next door.

This shows how much there's a need for better subway access to the area.
True. This tower sits over what will be the final stop on the 7 train. My only concern (a small one) is that what happened with Downtown Brooklyn development doesn't happen here. There was a similar rezoning to create commercial development there, but it has been overtaken with residential developments. We know that Sherwood hasn't decided between office or hotel on its massive 2.5 msf tower. This area was rezoned specifically to be Manhattan's 3rd business district. I just hope the bulk of what's been rezoned north of 34th Street for office towers doesn't get eaten by residentials.

But I still welcome this new supertall...(which looks more office btw)....
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