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Originally Posted by BTinSF View Post
You may have a long wait. It's becoming increasingly clear that San Francisco has a surfeit of office space already available and I doubt Hines will start building this building until it's absorbed. That could be 5 years or more. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked by the news they had sold the development rights (if there were any buyers).

Meanwhile, the public TJPA is putting up the terminal building (not the tower) and so far there's nothing to suggest that won't proceed on schedule. As a transit terminal, it doesn't depend on the office space market and it is eligible for a variety of federal and other funding.

So we could have a nice new terminal with an empty lot in front of it for a number of years.
I too would be very surprised to see any major highrise or skyscraper built for a very long time. We couldn't even get some of the short office developments constructed even though there are a least four beautiful projects in the pipeline at various stages. Don't look for tall condo towers anytime soon either. kenratboy, I identify with your feelings though, especially when it comes to the second ORH tower. At this point, we'll be fortunate to see any of these projects survive this long drought.
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