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Originally Posted by hipster duck View Post
^Do you mean 1864? Or 1764, but with significant exterior alterations in the late 19th century?
The house was built around 1764 (somebody tested the wood inside and dated it to 1761-1764). The exterior is a mix from different eras. It was in pretty rough shape even in 2015; the dentil moulding is completely new, but that type of detailing was common on Georgian-era buildings. The side dormer looks like something that could have dated from 1800 while the front parts look like 1860-1880. The roofline seems to be original.

This was a side building that was once attached to a much larger house.

Here is an old painting (seems like 1800-1830? There is no date):

Article -

The linked article on the Great Pontack is pretty neat too.
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