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Concerning that ghost sign for "The 2 Johns" a few days ago...

Originally Posted by Tourmaline View Post
Rear of buildings on First Street. Goodbye.

Mid-late '50s?

Originally Posted by HossC View Post
Here's an earlier view of the same block which shows the top of the ghost signs. The description says this picture is from June 1954. I think the rooftop sign mentioned by tovangar2 reads "3 PALMS PHARMACY", but it's still blurry at maximum zoom. The 1956 CD lists the Valez Pharmacy at 100 S Main, but I couldn't find the 3 Palms.

Huntington Digital Library

I am pretty sure I downloaded the following photo - an even earlier view than the two above - from here, but I was unable to find the post that contained it, so I don't know the source:

(I happened to save it because I am a fan of They Might Be Giants, a band whose two integral members are both named John. As such they have often been referred to as "John & John" or "The 2 Johns.")
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