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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

Did Mr. Frost also have an office downtown?
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Charlie Frost organized the Los Angeles Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Company in 1887. The company office was located at 204 South Spring Street until 1896, when it was moved to 119 South Broadway. In 1900, the office was moved to the Frost Building at 145 Broadway. The entire sixth floor of the Frost Building was where the company had its products showroom.
Here's an advertisement for the Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company from the February 1925 edition of 'Architect and Engineer' which I found in a book called City Center to Regional Mall: Architecture, the Automobile, and Retailing in Los Angeles, 1920-1950 by Richard W. Longstreth.

Flyingwedge included pictures of the C.H. Frost/Haig M. Prince Building recently when writing about the Millar Block/Roanoke Building in post #20376. Here's another color picture from HDL that's dated 4/20/59. It shows the Prince Building and the Roanoke Building near the end of their lives.
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