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Re: pricing. What does a house cost near Barton and Wentworth? I know some people like condos because they’re not interested in doing yard work and all that, but if you want three bedrooms, I’m guessing you can do quite a bit with $250,000 or more in that area- aren’t people going to realize that they COULD live in Gibson School, or they could have their own detached, and get a General Contractor to do a whole whack of work on it for less money.

One house on Minto was being sold for close to 300k. It was sold, but don't know final number.

Another on Bristol is being sold for close to 200K, but it is a semi. Good luck with that.

Another on Bristol was bought for 165K but was a dump... guy from TO bought it. Plans on living in it.

All the small bungalows on Bristol that have been sold in recent years have all gone for just below 200k.

So, prices are going up depending on condition.

You can rent.. but it gets you nothing in the end except for you paying for someone else's mortgage.

Kudos to Harry, only wish he would have done it for Sanford School.

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