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Obsolete railroad spurs are always such a cool thing to find.

Originally Posted by 3940dxer View Post
Facing the Cornfield are some very old railway tracks. Clearly, these were a spur line that passed by the loading docks on the buildings. Walking around there one sees that the owners and tenants have chosen to preserve, even showcase these old tracks.

The Cornfield was home to River Station, one of L.A.'s earliest railway stations -- perhaps the first -- I'm not sure.

"Exterior view of the River Station in Los Angeles." -LAPL

below: "Exterior view of the River Station in Los Angeles.
The building is constructed of brick, with several arches at the front of the building." -LAPL

The first photo is obviously an earlier building (there were no dates on either of the photos).

Is that a glimpse of the wooden pedestrian viaduct/bridge that once crossed over the rail yards in the second photograph?
I believe it is, but I am not 100% sure.

below: In this aerial you can see the enormous length of the wooden viaduct as it crossed over the railyards.

below: Another excellent view of the old rail yards showing the wooden footbridge.

And there is even a 'noir' connection.

originally posted by gsjansen

We've covered the bridge numerous times in the past.

To see color photos of the bridge, as well as views from the bridge go here.

To see the bridge illustrated on old maps go here.
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