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Originally Posted by plinko View Post
^Interesting. Very Southern California-ish.

I did a Pool Pavilion recently that is quite similar to the one you posted in the 2nd to last shot. I did a fireplace inside and pulled the BBQ off to the side.

BTW, I really liked that basement wine storage you showed earlier in this thread. Any more photos of it?
Thanks. It was intentional, they wanted Spanish revival. I tried to lead them to white stucco with the renderings, but they couldnt do it. I'll have to get some better pix this spring.

The other wine cellar was pretty cool, its actually built into the hill side, feels subterranean. Ive got just a couple shots, the game room is outside of the iron doors that go to the wine lobby, and then the next shot is the one I previously posted of the wine lobby, then the last one is just inside, the coolest part was the "tunnel" off to the left, leads to another small space.

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