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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
You'll just have to wait until it's built. It's what's called a "participatory" sculpture. It's not merely there for you to look at. Just as people love to walk accross the Brooklyn Bridge, or down the High Line, this too will swarm with crowds. If you don't get it, that's fine, no one has to and not everyone will. But there will be more than enough people swarming around and through this thing.
I agree. When I return to NYC it will probably be with my kiddos. The list of things to do is a mile long. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge and the High Line will be much higher on the priority list than this hive. However, there are a number of people that have experienced the regulars more than enough times and would like to see and do something new. Time will tell if this is a popular place at first then fades over time or if it has staying power.
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