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Might there be a connection between the announcement of the Queen's landing proposal and the Nova Centre proposal on the same day by the NDP? I also read that the NDP is considering a land swap in this area next to the Law Courts building.

The reason that I was thinking about this is because I watched the broadcast of the Nova Centre financing discussions at HRM council today and heard an interesting fact - it will take about one full year to finishing excavating the two blocks for the Nova Centre (and I can add that they will be excavating 50 - 70 feet deep). So I started wondering where all that Nova Centre rock would be dumped. The Queen's landing is only a few blocks away from the Nova Centre and the Queen's Landing isn't expected to begin for at least 5 years. Could the Queen's Landing area be the planned location for an in-fill project to get rid of all the Nova Centre excavated rock? If not, then where would it be dumped?

Here is a map link . The two locations are very close and were announced on the same day by the NDP ...
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