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A short visit to Lagos, Nigeria.

Looking at an aerial view, I noticed quite a contrast of two areas separated by a small waterway (canal?).

I decided to check out the difference on the ground.

the left side first.

Hospital with barbwire.

Looks like open sewer troughs

Make sure you vote

Large blue "Clean Water" barrels every couple of blocks

Looks like someone is fond of his house

To the right side of the aerial were paved streets, plenty of greenery, and nicer housing

Of course there were walls every where on that side

But I did notice this van parked across the street from the nice building in the pic above.

I headed downtown and went along a freeway to get a skyline pic.

I saw a strange building in the middle of the above pic, and wanted to check it out.
It's dead ahead. I just hope the guy in the flashy pajamas on the right isn't dead too.

As I got closer I wondered if the building was abandoned

The wall around it leads me to believe it is abandoned.

I turned around to check out the rest of the intersection and saw this.

Stamp Collectors!??!

Hope you enjoyed.
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