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Originally Posted by azsunsurfer View Post
I hope they keep that space as well. I think it was going to be marketed as "flex" meaning it could be retail or office uses. With the other office building going up across the street that also has retail I think there is a chance to create a cool one block hub with the Yard and the Lodge already there...I hope Tempe develop's other buzz worthy streets besides Mill downtown.
The across the street office proposal at 206 S. Farmer is starting the entitlement process presenting to the DRC in a study session next month.

There are a nice spate of proposals now on Farmer, and it would be a cool stretch if (always a big if) they all get built. The apartments at Farmer/University (that have been in review for a building permit for a while), the existing senior apartments (which have some of the best sidewalks and walking paths around), the proposed townhomes across the street, these two offices, the Yard, the Lodge, etc. Add something on the dirt lot south of 5th st. and the horder lot north of 1st st. and we've really got something.
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