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Originally Posted by Hypothalamus View Post
^^ ...the hell is wrong with people? Chris, do you see any environmental issue with what's being put forth? Do the NIMBYs have any ground?
This will get thrown out of court. Only the EPA and DEP could decide if its environmentally damaging, which its not. Pier restorations have been occurring for many years now, and this is simply a fabrication of them not knowing and being left out of the design process.

In terms of mitigating any environmental hazards, they will decide (DEP), on what remediation action needs to take place. But that won't stop the project if they decide something needs to be done, which is unlikely as that region has been cleaned up. Decades ago. Even if they had to remove some material, it will just mean a delay.

A site that will need some work environmental wise is the Williamsburg Warehouse site (where that large fire occurred). But like anything else, once its cleaned up, it will be buildable.

It should only need one environmental study and approval for construction. Anymore, and its just blowing smoke.
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