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For starters, I lived in Manhattan for a few years and while the city still retains an impressive collection of old buildings, I think it would be naive to say that it's impossible for the city to lose it's historic character. Certainly, there are a number of cities across the country that would exemplify that. Downtown Houston is quite modern and functional. However, I doubt it if anyone would want to live there.

Even if 20 historic buildings were demolished each year in Manhattan, in a hundred years time, the city would look quite different than it does today. In the long run historic preservation ultimately loses. Thats why it's so important to preserve what we already have so Manhattan doesn't become just another boring and textureless city of glass boxes.

I'm not saying that every pile of bricks thats over fifty years old should be preserved, but given that these particular buildings are adjacent to the most beautiful and historic terminal in the country, I think a case could certainly be made for their preservation.

Perhaps, New York will never be again as beautiful as London and Paris. Although, at one time it certainly was, if not more. That being said, without its old buildings, New York wouldn't be New York.

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Exactly, just as there is more to the point than preserving some just for the sake of preserving. The question to ask is do these buildings continue to function as the best use possible for that site in the heart of the best know business district in the world, next to one of the busiest transportation centers in the City, not is it deemed "more aesthetically attractive".

I have no such concerns about preserving these buildings. I could understand the concern for anyone who has never been to Manhattan, but it would be simply foolish for anyone who has to suggest it is at all in danger of losing it's old buildings. If we were talking about tearing down Grand Central, you'd have a different argument.

The largest building on site is 41 E. 42 (on right in photo). However, they could potentially use either of the addresses, such as 331 Madison (on left) or create something completely new. It's not that important at this point.


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