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Originally Posted by mr.John View Post
I don't know about that, I've read some pretty poor reviews about that lens ,slow inaccurate focusing are among it's many flaws, it's certainly nowhere as good as the latest model Sigma released last year (selling for about $1500 in MTL) and not in the same league as the mighty nikon 70-200 (selling for about $2,500)
what you have read is correct. there are some issues with the lens which is why i got it for about $400. there have been some af issues. i am probably going to send it to get it serviced by sigma. but it doesnt really focus slow. a better way to describe the issue is that it get hung up while focusing if there is a big difference it the depth that you want to focus on.

i would have loved to buy one of the newer versions because a lot of the bugs have been worked out over the year but i just couldnt afford it.

now if i was a professional i would not have bought this lens due to these issues.
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