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Originally Posted by Boiseguy View Post
lol... so now you're going to ride the heals of TCU to prove a point for your conference when you know as well as I do that if bsu was in the MWC they'd be in the top tier of your conference consistently....
The fact remains, when they have played a MWC champ or something close in the modern era, they have lost.. Otherwise, they have beat up sub .500 teams or very average teams. This is a fact.

I don't recall claiming BSU wouldn't be in the top tier. I think they would, they are a good program.

Originally Posted by Boiseguy View Post
it's still an impressive record against your conference.. you can't downplay that with YOUR opinion as you've accused me of doing.. you just can't...but it's interesting to watch you do it..
Yeah, I think beating teams with a 44% winning % is questionable and that's my opinion.. Where you went wrong was claiming a set of numbers is fact along with P10 academic requirements..

Originally Posted by Boiseguy View Post
utah bad year this.. byu bad year that..

If you're talking when BSU played these teams, you have to give BSU credit, they can't control who is good or not but it still doesn't change the facts...

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