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These maps and data are very interesting. But why are there such differents in fertility rates between regions and countries? What's the cause of these differents figures?
Regional differences within countries have different reasons.

They could be ethnic (Some ethnic groups have a higher or lower fertility) eg.: Scots lower than English, Corsicans lower than French, South Tyrolians higher than Italians, Kurds higher than Turkish and so on.
They could be religious, eg: Protestants higher than Catholics or Orthodox (in Europe. Notice the Netherlands, the north is more Protestant and has a higher fertility versus the catholic south), Religious people in general have higher fertility rates than atheists.
Urban-Rural differences: paris 1.6 but it's suĀ“burbs more like 2.1.
Conservative - Liberal differences: The only county in Germany on Brisavoines map that is green has a very high share of people voting for the CDU, the conservative party in germany. Cities have a high share of people voting for left or liberal parties. Their fertility rate in germany is lower.
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